About Us

Harry Veenstra - Founder

Autobody Services (ABS) Red Deer Ltd is a privately held real estate company that is active in commercial and light industrial development. ABS Red Deer Ltd. also manages the privately held commercial retail and light industrial properties that the founder, Mr. Harry Veenstra, started when he along with his wife and children came to Canada and settled in Red Deer, AB. Harry’s first development was when he needed a space to start ABS, his autobody business, and gradually ABS Red Deer Ltd. morphed into a real estate holding company as additional properties were acquired and developed.

Since 1979, ABS Red Deer Ltd. has been a leader in the real estate market. Our professional staff, with over 40 years of experience in the industry, take great pride and care in knowing and understanding the needs of our long-term current clients and any and all prospective clients.

As a privately held commercial management company, we have the flexibility in our leasing portfolio to allow our client’s business operations in the Red Deer region to grow and prosper.

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